A Theme to Remember

So. You say you want to throw a party, do you? No theme required, eh? Not so fast!

If you want to throw a party that will be memorable for you and your guests, a theme is essential. Having a party without a theme is like wearing a green polka dot shirt with a pink and yellow striped skirt. Now, assuming you are not a mad hatter, that outfit would never fly. It would be memorable, but not the way you would want it to be.

When you add a theme to a party, you are setting the roadmap to a cohesive and ultimately successful event. Take a "Paris in Spring" party for example. Just giving it a name, you have laid the groundwork for decor, for food, beverages...even music and attire! When you sew a common thread through your event, you ultimately "bring the experience to life."

Now THAT is a party to remember.

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