Bop it, like it's hot!

Who doesn’t like bopping around a balloon?! Why not create a fun indoor activity with your kids to help get through the gloomy, rainy, snowy and even sunny days of winter.

Balloon tennis anyone?!

Have your youngster color on a paper plate. They can make it look like a tennis racket or anything that makes their heart smile. Next, take a large craft stick and tape it to the back of the plate (you’ll need packing tape or duct tape to make sure it is sturdy). Now you are ready for some fun. Bop the balloon back and forth between you, count how many times you can hit it back and forth, do the game standing or sitting … go were the balloon playing takes you. Kids are amazing at finding new ways to use items or coming up with creative ways to use every day items. In this case, balloons. Happy balloon bopping!

Items needed:

Latex balloon

Paper plate (one that can be drawn on)

Large craft stick

Tape (packing or duct tape)

Markers or crayons

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