Whistling Dixie...Flowers

Looking for new and creative crafts to do with the kids that doesn't involve dropping a mint at Michael's can be a challenge. Luckily, sometimes you can find items around the house to keep them entertained...if you can peel them off the Wii or Xbox long enough.

The idea came to me as I was tapping my foot waiting for the kids to brush their teeth. As my little one reached for a Dixie cup, filled it with water, dropped it on the floor, then stepped on it, I realized that those little cups can be used for more than spilling water.

Give the kids some markers, crayons or paint, and let them decorate the cups

on the outside (and inside if they wish). Take a scissor and cut the cup into strips, then place on a flat surface with the inside of the cup facing down - flattening the strips to form a flower shape. While it is flattened, take a sharp tool (I use the meat thermometer...nothing is a uni-tasker for me!) and poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of the cup.

Take one or two pipe cleaners and push through the hole and twist so it doesn't come out. You instantly have a flower. If you want to make a vase, take 2 more cups, put a small rock(s) in one, and take some cool looking duct tape to attach them together. Make a hole on the top and stick the flower(s) you made in it.

Instant centerpieces!

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